The Hamells | Christmas Card | OKC Lifestyle Pass | OKC Lifestyle Photographer

thelovedoves102014-05Interested in the OKC Lifestyle Pass? GREAT, because this family is going to show you an idea of what you can do with it! Meet The Hamells. Bryan, Mindi, Titus, and Elliette. <3 Follow their journey over the next few weeks on this blog. They’ll feel like friends before you know it. This is their first of four sessions. The complimentary Christmas card portrait session. Like the modern designs? Check out Artifact Uprising‘s holiday card selection. Like the photography? Thank you. Blushing. The OKC Lifestyle Pass is the ONLY way to get Christmas portraits through me. So purchase your pass before December 1, and this could be your family. Let the holiday season begin.




The Love Doves | Mama Loves You | Lindsey W | OKC Lifestyle Photographer

thelovedoves100614-01 thelovedoves100614-02 The thing about daughters is, you are teaching them to be mothers. How you love is how they learn to love. I think it’s pretty evident Lindsey loves well. Because look at how her girls love! This is my heart for generations. That we would pass on love and more love.




OKC Lifestyle Pass | Annual Photography Membership | $200 For 4 Sessions

I want to be your favorite restaurant. The familiar one you spend your Friday nights in. Not the fancy one you visit on your anniversary. The one where the waiter knows your name. And how you take your coffee. The one that gives you the corner booth. Because it’s yours. The one that you take all your family and friends to.

I’ve been daydreaming up ways to be more accessible to YOU, my dream clients! Because photography should be about more than your annual relationship with a camera. It should be the way you remember your real life! The way you hold onto every day moments! Introducing the OKC Lifestyle Pass. Think of it as an annual membership to your personal photographer, ME! I am all yours for an entire year!!!

Three 30 minute lifestyle sessions
Photographed within 20 miles of OKC 
Plus digital images with print release
Final sessions to be scheduled within one year of first session

Imagine all the possibilities! Picking out your first dog? Her ballet class? Your family reunion? Yep, all three! Telling bedtime stories? Chopping down your Christmas tree? Learning to ride his bike? That’s right, all three! The first day home with your newborn? Baking with Grandma? A date night with your Hubs? Getting excited?!!! 

Good, because I have a gift for you! Purchase the OKC Lifestyle Pass before December 1 and get a complimentary Christmas card portrait.

Saturday, December 6
10 minute session
At a location of my choice
One perfect family portrait
Approved by you, on site
Plus one digital image with print release

That’s the perfect family portrait to print, frame, and hang in your home all year plus three lifestyle sessions to be redeemed within one year! All for $200!!! All because YOU are my dream client and I want to be your personal photographer. This could be the most memorable year of your life. And the best gift you give your family all year. Wrap it. Put it under the tree. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 




Rhodes | Ice Cream Family Date | OKC Lifestyle Photographer




thelovedoves100814-05 The first time I heard the term “family date night”, I think my heart grew three sizes. What a sweet way to say a family is being intentional about spending time together! The Rhodes family invited me to meet them last week at an ice cream shop. And I got to see who they are, when they are “them”. Oh my, these four have so much love. Here’s to turning an ordinary Wednesday into something extraordinary. Try it with your own family, this week!




What is the MamaLovesYou movement?

What is the MamaLovesYou movement?
It’s a call to mamas to love on your children & let someone photograph it.

We are a digital generation. Our social media feeds are filled with photographs of our children and our lives. But in all that we take and all that we share, are we doing it as observers? Are we leaving our sons&daughters with something to remember us by? Experiences that we are fully engaged in and someone else captures? This is about more than taking a family portrait every now and then. It’s not about our annual relationship with the camera. It’s about our relationship with our children! It’s about making sure they have a lasting, visual reminder of how we adore them. So completely.

This wasn’t a scheduled session of Kelsey&Avery. In this moment, I was nothing more than the family member who had the camera. All I did was photograph a mama loving on her little in a way she does every day. That’s the secret to leaving a legacy of love behind. Let someone photograph your hands holding his as you are teaching him to walk. Let someone photograph you comforting her after she has fallen down. Let someone photograph the way you spend your day staring at him in wonder. Let someone photograph the authentic joy that you bring to her just by being close. Just LOVE ON YOUR CHILDREN & LET SOMEONE PHOTOGRAPH IT.

thelovedoves100414-03Every day you tell them “mama loves you” in a million ways. Hand your phone or camera off to your husband, your best friend, or the lady staring at you in the grocery store. Take a selfie with an app like TimerCam. Or hire me. As a lifestyle photographer, I’d love to tell your story! And if you have a daughter, I have a gift for you. Because I am in a sweet season of life with my only daughter, my MamaLovesYou daughter sessions are only $25 for the rest of 2014! It’s a small way for me to thank God for my ZipporahSong.

Join the movement. Tomorrow, Friday 10/10, post a photo to Instagram of you loving on your children with #mamalovesyoumovement. Love is contagious. So share your love. You never know who you’ll inspire. And your photo just might end up reposted on @mamalovesyoumovement!