Zipporah Song | Bath Time | DFW Lifestyle & Birth Photographer

thelovedoves041314-02Zipporah Song | You’ve always been a water babe. But bath time doesn’t look anything like it used to. I’m pretty sure you think the tub is an indoor fountain. Somewhere for you to stand. Never sit. A spout for you to play in and drink from. Just like the one in Highland Village, where we walk at night. This is what you look like there too. Just clothed. Barely. After all, Daddy does call me your hippie Mama. So be free, baby. | Mama




Zipporah Song | First Haircut | DFW Lifestyle & Birth Photographer

Zipporah Song | There was a line in the post office, so I sat you on the counter to play. The woman on my left commented she missed her kids being your age. Her littlest will start kindergarten in the Fall. The man on my right commented you would be starting college, like his oldest, before I knew it. These aren’t just things parents say. There’s something about wanting to extend time with your children that seems to be universal. I feel it already too.

Because here we are. You needed your first haircut this week. You close the chest buckle of your seat belt all by yourself. You practice putting on your clothes every day. You try to clip your own fingernails. You said your first short sentence last night: Bye Bye Dada. I even caught you trying to climb out of your crib.

So excuse me, my love, if I keep the camera out … always. I’m just trying to save a bit of each wondrous stage with you. | Mama




Zipporah Song | 16 Months | DFW Lifestyle & Birth Photographer

Zipporah Song | I could have never imagined who you would already be by 16 months. You are a natural life learner. Our hours are filled with watching you live in ways you must have watched us live, but we never traditionally taught you. Words flow. Motions follow. Interests form. Your abilities seem endless. So who are you today? You’re observant. You take time to focus. To draw in. Last night an evangelist held your attention for minutes at a time, while he imparted truth about knowing your identity in Christ. I just knew every word was soaking into your spirit.  You’re self-assured. You make decisions comfortably because your opinions are well-formed. This is something Daddy&I want to be very aware to support in you. So we give you choices. I let you wear your jacket unzipped, no matter what temperature, because that’s just what you prefer. Sometimes you choose things we know you shouldn’t. But that’s part of you learning self-control. You’re a conversationalist. You rarely baby babble. Some might even consider you quiet, if they weren’t talking directly to you. You like to be asked questions and give input. I like this about you, very much. You’re silly. You stick peas in-between your toes. Lick the soap dish when I call it piggies. Dunk your baby’s feet in the toilet. Push Daddy off his pillow so you can lay on it. And repeat practically any behavior that makes us laugh. You’re a free bird. You like to roam. There are not enough miles of road for you. You go and go and go.

But thankfully, still reach for my hand. | Mama




WalkBold | Faith & Fitness | DFW Lifestyle & Birth Photographer

thelovedoves032914-01Meet the ladies and leaders of WalkBold. Sasha and Mindy are on a mission to help women find God’s love and freedom, through fitness. This morning they hosted their first {sister session}, where all the woman donated to one special secret woman in need, instead of paying them. These two have beautiful bodies and hearts!!! And you can too, by joining them. Follow WalkBold on Facebook to learn about their next session. You just may see me there without my camera!




Ransom Dreyer | DFW Lifestyle & Birth Photographer

Yesterday I had a maternity session scheduled with Beth and the three Dreyer brothers. Yay! But she woke up not feeling well and was admitted to the hospital by evening. So then I had a birth story to tell. Yay!! But she progressed so quickly in labor that he came minutes after I was told to get on the road. So, in the end, I got to photograph a lifestyle newborn session of handsome Ransom. Yayyyyyy!!!

Ransom took us all by surprise. And created a whirlwind of love. He is already a force to be reckoned with. Thank you God for such a mighty mini man.

PS Can’t get enough of him already? Look for more of Ransom in the weeks to come on Beth’s blog.